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Corporate Fly Fishing

We at Osprey Sportfiske are able to offer a very special type of Corporate Fly Fishing package to meet each clients individual needs......

We at Osprey Sportfiske not only have over 30 years experience in the world of fly fishing to the highest level, but Chris Carter has spent his business life in the area of sales and marketing.during which time he was Sales Director for one of Sweden's leading forest product companies. Therefore he knows a thing or two about servicing customer/client/staff satisfaction......

Even during these tough economic times when cost saving are looked at most carefully. It is still extremly important that your customers/clients/staff member(s) are well looked after as they remain the key to any companies success..... That old saying remains as true today as ever......"That a happy customer is a layal customer".... So yes we are in hard times right now but we should still build not lose site of building for the future........

If you have an important client / customer  who is visiting your company here in Sweden or an indivudual/group of layal staff which have earned that reward  for a job well done and you would like to offer he or she that something a little bit different. Or he or she is known to be a keen fly fisherman and you would like them to be guilded to some of the best venues which Sweden has too offer. Then why not let Osprey Sportfiske take care of this for you.

With today's ever increasing demands on schedules ....... We at Osprey Sportfiske can take that streassed situation away from you. You can leave your client, customer or staff member(s) totally in our very capable hands.

Each booking is tailor-made around each individual/company needs....... Waterside à la carte luncheon's, Bar-B-Q´s or very traditional Swedish foods can all be arranged through professional catering services local to our venues.

Contact Osprey Sportfiske for further details.


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