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The Bamboo Fly Rod

Although I had owned and fished a Split-Cane fly rod for many years whilst fishing the small streams in Southern England, it was not until a few years ago when my association with Lars-Åke Olsson started that I become a total convert to beauty of.... Bamboo.....


Lars-Åke, who has been an enthusiastic promoter and advocate of the use of split-cane fly rods for many years now. In 2009 Lars-Åke together with his wife Jennifer arranged their second "Split-Cane Conference" in the village of Gimdalen. So well attented was this conference that it showed quite clearly how the growing interest in Split-Cane has and is continuing to grow. In their Specialty Fly Shop, they have a superb range of Split-Cane fly rods available which are all produced by world renowned rod makers from both Sweden and the States. 

Carl Anderberg - Is recognized to be one of the finest rod makers in the world. Carl first started making Split-Cane fly rods in 1972 and prefers where possible to work closely with the person who has commissioned him to build a rod for them. This approach means that they receive a unique fly rod imbued with Carl's respect and dedication to his craft.

"Anderberg, like many European angler's  I've corresponded with, said he personally prefers the fuller parabolic action of the Ritz rods in an 8-foot length. It's always surprising to me that Americans never really embraced parabolics, although Paul Young made some excellent designs, as did Jim Payne. It's not likely to change, either. Many fly fishers switching from graphite to cane rods look for tippy, quick rod actions rather than the more full, complex action of a parabolic design." -- from Splitting Cane, by Ed Engle


I was very fortunate to have been invited by Carl Anderberg to become a student of his, in the fine art of "Bamboo Rod Building". I spent a week with him in his workshop whereby I was given all the knowledge, expertise and specialties which he had accumulated during nearly 40 year's as "A Master Rod Builder". At the end of my week with Carl, I had produced under his watchful eye, my very first Split-Cane rod blank. I will forever be indebted to this man who has entrusted such a wealth of knowledge in me.

Today, all of my river fishing is done with Split-Cane rods. And I am not alone in my opinon that, nothing can equal the presentation and accuracy of dropping a fly over a feeding fish as a Split-Cane fly rod.

Recommended reading:

  • Splitting Cane by Ed Engle. Published by Stackpole Books.
  • Casting a Spell by Geoge Black. Published by Random House.

Recommended DVD:

  • Trout Grass by David James Duncan. Produced by Volcano Motion Pictures.

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