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Fly Casting Instruction

"Casting is one of the basic skills required by the sport of Fly Fishing. As an example and although exact statistics are difficult to establish, there are probably several hundred thousand fly fishers in the United States alone, and their numbers are growing. In terms of fly casting ability, the majority are in the broad, gray area of mediocrity. Most want to cast better, or at least wish they could. The complaints are all too common: "There was too much
wind," I couldn't get a good float with all the currents," or "The bushes limited my casting room." And so on".................from The Cast by Ed Jaworowski


Learn the "Four Principles" which are:

  • The further you move the rod, the easier it is to cast.
  • You can't make the cast until you make the end of the line move.
  • Continuously accelerate, then stop the rod.
  • The line will go in the direction the tip was moving when it stopped.

Around these four principles every other cast can and is built. When river fishing it is paramount that casts such as "Reach", "Stack", "Steeple", "Tuck" andĀ "Roll" to name just a few and the ability for you to perform these and others correctly, will certainly improve your success rate and more importantly your enjoyment of presenting that fly correctly.

Why not takeĀ advantage and spend some quality time with a qualified casting instructor at AAPGAI level.

Contact Osprey Sportfiske for further details.


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