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Fishing in Jämtland

Jämtland (Sweden)

Why not take advantage of this truly wonderful part of Sweden. Both these fisheries are situated on the Gim River complex 1.5 hours south-east of Österund. Although these two sections of the same river are just a few miles apart , they in fact are quite different fishing waters in many ways.


This world renowned fishery run by one of Sweden's best known fly fishermen - Lars-Åke Olsson. Lars to his English speaking friends, has been the "River Keeper" on Idsjöströmmen for the past 20 years and during that time has produced one of Sweden's Premier Fisheries for wild grayling. The fishing is totally Catch & Release and barbless hooks are stipulated at all times. This one-mile section of the Gim River has made Idsjöströmmen one of the favorite destinations in Sweden for visiting International fly fishing guests. 

A number of excellent self catering accommodations are available in the local village of Gimdalen, which is just a 5 minutes drive away from the river.Or for those among you wishing to have the luxury of a hotel facility, there are a number of good hotels based in the nearby local town of Bräcke, which is around 30 minutes drive from the river.



This is a super brown trout water. Situated just north of the town of Bräcke on the E14 on the River Gim. The water is split into fishing sections (yellow/green/red) and each section has a limited rod alication. This is truly a superb fishery and continues to be improved. During the autumne of 2008, extensive work was carried out on the yellow section, taking away all the old logging barriers and returning the fishery to its natural state.

Both fisheries are extremely popular but have very restrictive limits as to the number of persons actually fishing on any given day. So it is advisable that bookings are made well in advance of any planned trip.

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