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Fly Fishing Instruction


Why not take advantage of an opportunity to have some guidance from a professional (Day or Half Day - Group or Individual).

Spend some time being educated in the correct way to approach your fly fishing. It is the short cut to becoming a better and more successful fly fisherman. The things that will be covered on one of these days are:

Reading the water: Be it a lake or a river. Observation is a fundermental ingredient to success.

Locating Feeding Fish: Learn the art of not only locating fish but importantly locating feeding fish.

How best to approach: In many situations when you have located a feeding fish the normal direct approach may very well be the wrong approach. Therefore why not learn the correct way to approach a fish.

Line management: This is a fundimentel tool to have when fishing rivers. With the correct line management you will be able to control your fly over a feeding fish in the most natural way.

Matching the hatch: So important and extremely enjoyable. Learn to identify those insects which the fish are taking and match them with the correct imitative pattern. There is nothing more pleasing than "Matching the Hatch" and taking a truly wild fish on an imitative pattern you have actually tied yourself.


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